In the morning, we enjoyed playing card games and yoga with Juliana.

We were all excited for our “Excursions” today. Some of us went into the city for an Aboriginal painting experience. Others of us went on an Excursion next door into the Holiday program room. We were excited to do arts and crafts, build, and play in the Home Corner room.

We also enjoyed looking at cards that showed the differences between Aboriginal living in the past compared to Australian living of today. Afterwards, we played a memory game as a group trying to match the words together.

During Meditation today, we did a “Stretch Your Neck Like a Giraffe” where we did lots of movement of the neck in different positions. We focused on our deep breaths in each position. We did a second session called, “Blowing Away the Grumpies” where we made angry, sad, and scared faces. We then blew them away like we would blow away bubbles!

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