We have begun working on a Body project with Amanda today. We talked about all the things we see on the outside of ourselves in the mirror and of our friends and family when we look at them. We then were invited to make a self-portrait as we looked at the mirrors and drew ourselves.

We have really been enjoying painting on the easel the last few weeks. Today, Bernice extended this interest by encouraging us to finger paint. There was a fair bit of giggling going on as we usually use paintbrushes and the paint was cold!  We liked mixing the colours to see what other colours we could make together.

We were working on our numeracy skills today with Juliana. We wrote a number in the cupcake wrapper and then had to match the corresponding amount with the marbles. We liked showing our numeracy awareness this way.

Lastly, we have enjoyed creating today. We have loved building with the waffle blocks, the construction Lego, and drawing with the pastel crayons.

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