The morning was beautiful with the babies singing songs during group time. They are becoming very good doing the actions whilst the educator sings!  Action songs play an important role in early years of children’s development.

This was followed by reading the large wombat storybook. We have continued to extend their knowledge on Aussie animals through NAIDOC week. The children enjoyed painting their Wombats with brown paint and glued yarn on them to represent their coats!

During the learning centre time, we made play dough together. The babies had opportunity to smell and feel the texture of dry lavender.

It was fun watching children doing Yoga this morning. They are getting better with their balancing and body awareness.

Have a look at all our little babies, how happy they are! They enjoyed exploring the outdoor environment and showed off many of their skills.

We celebrated Claire’s Birthday today and had yummy cupcakes. We wish you all happiness and smiles for your future. Thank you for sharing sweets with us!

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