We’ve had a very active day! We enjoyed our early morning filled with yoga, building homes for the animals, and creating a variety of mosaics with the push pins. We also enjoyed our News time during our smaller Learning Centre groups.


Bernice extended our interest in painting today. Instead of just using our fingers, we used our whole hands. We said they were birds, fish, flowers, and monsters! We love how creative their interpretations can be.


Juliana continued working on numeracy skills as we used different items to match the numerical value with the written number. We also enjoyed using the balancing weights with Nicole as we used terms such as: more than, less than, heaviest, etc. This extends our understanding of mathematical concepts. We also showed interest in tracing some dinosaurs.


During Meditation with Amanda, we did the Lion’s Breath session. We used our hands on our tummies to feel our strong muscles in our stomach as we made some soft lion yawns. We also did some stretching with our lion claws up to the sky. We have really enjoyed pretending to be different animals during meditation and adapting the skills we had previously learnt to the current session.

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