The children in Aqua are continuing to gain confidence and build meaningful relationships with each other. Taking a holistic approach, and through their positive interactions and curiosity in their environment they develop a variety of skills.

Space: During group time we read the book ‘Eight Spinning Planets’ and looked at photos of the surface from each planet. We decided that indeed earth is best for us with oxygen, trees, water and food. We also read ‘Papa Please get the Moon for Me’.

We invited the children to create moons. They got creative with the golf balls, paint and trays to create their own idea of the moon’s surface. Some of our children liked the feel of the paint and preferred to use their hands.

We have also continued to use the sensory trays with planets and scoops.

Play dough: Some of the children engaged with the dough today, rolling, moulding and using the little dinosaurs with it. They develop their social skills, imagination and their small muscles too.

Yoga: Many of the children participated in yoga this morning with Alejandra, they continue developing a healthy wellbeing stretching, breathing and choosing poses to try.

Sand play: The sandpit provides endless opportunities for children to extend their skills. Children were able to work collaboratively with a number of other children digging holes and making mountains; or in smaller groups of two, some even enjoyed a quiet time and being by themselves. Great problem solving and social interactions today.

“Play is the answer to how anything new comes about” – Jean Piaget


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