We had an amazing and beautiful day exploring both indoors and outdoors enjoying the lovely cold, yet warm, weather. The children explored lots of different experiences, like drawing, cutting, threading.

They started their morning inside with their Teacher Alejandra doing yoga. The children are getting used to some yoga poses and are very enthusiastic about it.

As always, the children were given the opportunity to put in practice everything they learn from their families, teachers and friends. Once again the sandpit was very popular outside. The children were observed working and playing together. Sand play has many benefits including promoting creativity and imagination. Today, we also had a mini farm where children could enhance their imaginations. They said milk comes from cows and horses are fast!

We then had our small group times with our teachers.

Outside daily the children use their large muscles and coordination skills with Nelson. Each day we can see the children getting stronger and completing more complex physical tasks. Some of them truly demonstrate considerable improvement and the obstacle courses need to be made more challenging as well. Participating in physical activities helps the children improve coordination, balance, posture and flexibility.

We continued to explore the moon and planets today with Gail.  We spoke about what shape the moon is and what colour we think it is. The children explored moon sand with stars and rocket shapes. The children also had the opportunity to make their own moon. The group also explored different planets with the rice.

As it’s getting warmer please can you make sure your children have hats with their name on it.

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