Bernice extended our interest in counting today. We made Playdough first, where we talked about different quantities. Then, we chose number cards and made the matching number of Play dough balls.

We had a conversation this morning during Yoga about how it is healthy for our bodies. Joshua said that we have to eat healthy food to be healthy.  Nicole extended on our conversation about being healthy by having us cut out healthy food pictures from a magazine. We liked talking about all the foods we eat at home and here in Crimson.

Amanda continued to work with us on our self-portraits. We showed our creative interpretations of ourselves as we coloured in our hair, eyes, ears, body, etc. During Meditation with Amanda, we did the Monkey Clap. We had to take deep breaths and do an increasing amount of claps each round. After each round, we would tap a body part to help us be mindful towards each one.

We also continued to like working with the mosaic push pins today. Charlotte was excited to make 5 flowers for her 5th birthday today!

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