Today we started our day with group time. We had a great time with Robyn outside reading our favourite stories and inside singing with Jasmine and exploring her bag full of different props.

As a part our daily routine, we are practicing yoga every morning. Yoga has many benefits for children including, developing strong muscles, building core strength, maintain flexibility, develop balance, sensory awareness and concentration.

During our learning centre we painted and made our own watermelon’s. We discussed our favourite fruits and talked about the colours of them. Meanwhile, inside we made different shapes from the play dough.

Our babies enjoy exploring the inside and outside areas. They love being in the sand pit, digging and squeezing the sand between their fingers.

The Emerald children love playing in our home corner. Pretend play is a great way to practice negotiation skills, turn taking and sharing.

During our free play, we played with the wooden blocks and sensory bottles

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