This morning the children participated in some lovely group time with Kruti and Liza! We read stories, sang songs and explored the puppets used for story-telling!

As part of our daily routine, the children are encouraged to join in with a yoga class! Together we stretch our body and warm it up for the day, enhancing our physical development and gross motor skills! This morning Daisy, Eddie, Levi and Hamish practiced their listening skills and we had a great yoga session!

Today the children were able to explore our jungle themed sensory tray with grass, leaves and jungle animals! The children loved to pretend the animals were eating the leaves; saying ‘yum yum’!

We have also been painting some large cardboard cut outs for our Emerald room displays. The children enjoy painting, especially on a larger scale and this promotes fine and gross motor skills as well as being a fun sensory activity. It was such a lovely day today, we have spent a lot of time outside, exploring all areas of the yards!

Today it is both Dyhan’s and Nicholas’ birthday! For afternoon tea we celebrated with Dyhan’s big sister and some delicious cheesecake! It was so yummy! Happy Birthday boys! We hope you had a fantastic day!


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