We were excited to do an astronaut boot camp with Arturo this morning. We practised doing a “moon walk” and ran from aliens on the moon rocks (the ladder segments).

The yard was set up with a grocery store! We enjoyed picking our fruit, toys, and cereal. We used the basket or the trolley and brought it to the cashiers!

We have started practising for the Bonkers Beat song competition this morning. We already loved the song “Old McDonald Had a Farm” so we are looking forward to singing it for the contest.

We also enjoyed putting on a puppet show for the bears, monkeys, and teachers. We had different personalities for each of the puppets. Later in the Learning Centre with Amanda, we built a secret hideout in the sandpit. Finally, we continued on with our self portraits.

During Meditation, we did the “Meerkat Squeeze.” We all took off our shoes so we could focus on scrunching our toes, then legs, then arms, then hands into fists, and lastly our faces. We took a deep breath in and then slowly released each part of the body. We really loved feeling the grass on our toes and pretending to be a meerkat!

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