Emerald children love group time so much, they are developing language skills, cognitive skills and focusing during the group times.  This morning the older children participated in group time with Robyn, they enjoyed singing songs and reading stories. “Look! The crocodile is coming!”  The younger children exploring different toys and puppets with Jasmine in group time, they loved to hold the duck when they sing “Five little ducks”!

In the learning centre, the children engaged in a fine motor experience, where they posted straws into the sifting tray, they were very concentrated and enjoyed!  This develops their coordination and pre-writing skills.

Emerald children love the story ‘Where is the Green Sheep?’  Today the children made their own sheep with Liza, they pasted the coloured tissue paper on the sheep.  Through this activity, children are enhancing their fine motor skills and language skills.

Children can choose their favourite toys to play with every day. This facilitates their sense of autonomy and allows them to establish and follow their own interests. Today Mason and Alexia engaged in the kitchen area, they loved cooking! Henry. S and Caleb were enjoying the ball game. Isaac, Alegria, Kennedy and Daisy had a good time in the block area, they are also learning to play with peers and developing the social skills! Nicholas and Leanna enjoyed pushing the chairs and walking around in the outdoor area, they are trying to walk without any assistance! Alice was happy having some tummy time with exploring the interesting pop-up toys!

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