What a beautiful sunny Monday today. We have moved to 59 as there are renovations happing at the Aqua room which is exciting! The children have been amazing with settling into the new room and they have loved exploring the different areas within the environment.

They started their morning inside having breakfast and exploring the room. The kitchen area was very popular among the children, they cooked lunch for their teacher as well as each other. Pretend play extends a lot of developmental areas; it provides opportunities for the children to identify with the adult world, develop social skills and many more.

Also, the playdough table was really popular as the children used their fine motor skills to manipulate the tools and dough to their liking.

We then had our small group times with our teachers.

Outside the children use their large muscles and coordination skills with Nelson. Each day we can see the children getting stronger and completing more complex physical tasks.  Participating in physical activities helps the children improve coordination, balance, posture and flexibility.

With Donna the children have continued this week with their favourite bugs (interest came from the incursion). We have also continued on with describing different patterns. Today the children picked the spotted Ladybug to make. They could name the colour of the bug and tell that she had spots and not stripes like the bee.

With Tima the children have spoken about the importance of the tree’s and what they give us in the world. Some of the words and sentences the children used to describe the importance of the trees were,

‘’for fruit and vegetables’’, Ivana said.

‘’for monkey’s’’, Dhwani said.

‘’home for birds’’, Maddison said.

‘’for fresh air’’, Eva Lambert said.

The children really show signs of empathy as they are learning to care for our environment.

As it’s getting warmer please can you make sure your children have hats with their name on it.


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