Today in Emerald, we started our day by doing group time. The children are showing their concentration and attention skills are extending, during group times throughout the day. We have begun to ask them simple open-ended questions and ask what they see during the group time. This will strengthen their cognitive development such as memory and problem solving, and conversational skills.

Role modelling and pretend play requires lots of observational skills. Our children are demonstrating that very well. No wonder our home corner is always in demand, with children exploring various roles such as cooking and eating yummy meals!

It was a busy day in the office for our younger children. They love making calls and pretending that they are talking to someone.

Charlie and Henry love spending time together. Today they climbed together on the jungle gym and went down the slide sharing lots of laughs.

Easel painting with our older kids is always interesting as they can express their interests feelings and creativity through art. Also, moving the brush from the paint container to the easel surface requires focus and control. Easel painting requires children to use larger muscles whilst painting as they have a larger surface area to create on. Well done everyone. 😊

Today we made our own trees as we knew that today is National Tree Day. It is a national event where communities come together to plant the trees and restore native vegetation.  We got our hands dirty but with the paint. 😊  Please have a look at our tree…

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