The children in Aqua are enjoying their new space. While their space and surroundings maybe new and different it is important for us to maintain their routine, so all children feel safe, secure and supported, to continue their learning journey.

Space, Shapes and the Moon: Today we have continued with exploring space and the moon. We read a book called ‘astronauts’ and looked at the shapes that made up the rocket ship. We then invited the children to glue various shapes to create their own rocket ship. Finn made his and said he was going to the sun, Dhwani saw stars and the moon, she shared she would walk on the moon. Teos said he would go on the rocket ship with his family and see Oliver and the moon. Max will go into space and see a family of aliens, Eleanor also will see aliens in space, while Ivaan will see his mummy.

Scissors: Today we invited the children to practice their scissor skills, remembering the rules such as sitting down with scissors, cutting away from our body, and holding the scissors with our thumb and two fingers. Through using scissors children are developing their hand-eye coordination.

Ladybirds: The children were invited to create ladybirds using corks to stamp their own patterns. This continues to extend their numeracy skills as they learn about shapes and patterns.

Bonkers Beat: The children were able to follow a simple beat and then had turns at suggesting where to tap on their bodies. They begin to recognise the beat pattern and develop their coordination and creativity as they respond to the beat.

Children also participated in yoga today, stretching, bending and relaxing to calm the body.

Sand Trays: Today we brought the sand trays over with the construction vehicles, as the children always enjoy playing in the sand. They filled the dump truck with sand using the excavator and made tracks around the tray. Using these trays is a great way for children to make sense of their world, while developing their imagination, problem solving and social skills.

Today we also had Owlette keeping an eye on Aqua, she was very careful to keep herself hidden behind the plant. Lucky there were no problems!


‘Almost all creativity involves purposeful play’ – Abraham Maslow

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