This morning, we were right into table activities. We worked together on the marble run, enjoyed drawing, and playing with the construction toys. We also did a bit of instrument playing! Later in the yard, we extended this interest by building a stage and taking turns rocking out like a band!

We have really loved having our chickens with us. We have been brainstorming ideas for their names.

Building a car out of the waffle blocks and taking turns pushing one another was a spontaneous activity but was a lot of fun! While we were waiting for our turns on the car, we used the helicopter, planes, and firetrucks around the yard.

We were engaged in a variety of craft today as well. Juliana extended on our space interest and we made swirling galaxies with black paper and paint. With it being a very chilly winter day, Amanda invited us to make some winter trees.

We also were engaged throughout the day with the large wooden blocks (we made Luna Park), playing with the camping figurines on the deck, and building with Mobilo.

A very warm welcome to our new friend Emerson. It was his first day in Crimson today and we have already learnt about so many of your interests. The other Crimson children were very welcoming and we were very proud of them showing Emerson all the things we have in Crimson. We look forward to getting to know you more!

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