We played some fun games with Arturo in the yard today! Using the yarn, we played Line Tag. This helps us work on balancing skills as we quickly move around the lines! We also played Crocodile Lunch as we had to stay in line as we moved around the water, avoiding a hungry crocodile.

We looked at some funny self-portraits today using Picasso’s work. This sparked more interest in doing a few more self-portraits in the morning with Amanda, and we were able to see how different people express themselves. There are so many ways to create art! We also enjoyed pretending we had new eyes using some of the light table plastic strips.

The sandpit was popular today. We built homes for the Sand Octopus. We also did some building with cars and blocks. We even made a helicopter landing.

Juliana continued working on our space display. We made rocket ships to add onto our swirling constellations. Come and have a look at our display and all our rockets flying around the galaxy!

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