The children very much enjoyed their group time with Belma this morning! Together they read books and sang lots of songs, including ‘walking in the jungle’ – which just so happens to be our theme leading into August!

In our yoga meditation session this morning, Robyn showed the children different jungle animal poses that they could do to stretch and warm up their bodies for the day ahead. Butterfly, snake and lion were some of the poses the children learnt today!

Today we were busy painting cardboard rolls for our jungle rain shakers! We made a monkey, frog, toucan and tiger! The children loved to paint the rolls, they practiced holding the roll with one hand and using the other to manipulate the paint brush. They look so beautiful!!

It was a bit of a gloomy day in parts today, so inside we explored our new jungle corner and played with playdough! We did manage to get outside too. We drove the cars around and played with sensory bottles and bubbles!

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