Happy Wednesday! We really enjoyed our group time this morning. We had a great time singing songs with Belma and Ekta. We welcomed all of our friends with Robyn and Liza, and talked about what activities we would do today. We also read our book of the day, which was ‘Where is the Green Sheep’. This is such a great book to aid the childrens understanding of colours! Well done everyone for joining in.

To extend the childrens interest in this book, they were invited to do create their own sheep. They chose what colour they would like to do and loved touching the paint and putting it onto the paper.

The children had a great time drawing with textas. They chose various colour and we named each one, extending on colour recognition. Drawing helps improve hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and communication skills. Edward enjoyed drawing his monkey and lion. 😊

Today we also did a beautiful painting for our project. As we love to sing and dance to ‘Walking Through the Jungle’, we decided to extend on their interest a little bit more by making our own monkeys and hanging them from the trees. Please come and have a look at our beautiful jungle.

Some of the children practiced yoga today. Yoga poses facilitate balance, flexibility and strengthen muscles. The practice of yoga can bring a positive change in mood and attitude and increase ability to focus on what is required. They followed Liza’s instructions well and did some beautiful poses. Well done Emerald! 😊


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