To start our Thursday, we all joined together on the mat to sing our favourite ‘’Good Morning’’ song. Then we split the children in to smaller groups for reading and activities.

During gross motor time with Nelson outside, the children practiced little kicks, moving a ball through an obstacle course.

With Gail, some children continued to explore space by making rocket ships with different shapes.

We did yoga with Alejandra and a collage activity to encourage children to think about yoga poses, their body positions and shapes.

Donna and Nicole did Bonkers Beat with the children which they simply love it. It is such a fun way to learn about musical concepts.

Today was a perfect day to play outside with beautiful warm weather. The Aqua children were able to engage in sand play with planets, dinosaurs, doll house or simply run around.

Inside we explored dough with dinosaurs. The children squeezed and rolled the dough manipulating it any way they wanted. They made cupcakes with the dough.

Today was a super fun day in Aqua!

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