We jumped right into our space activities this morning with Juliana, Arturo, and Bernice. Our Paper Mache helmets were dry today so we started to paint them! We are excited to be able to wear them around the room once they are complete. We also worked on making more outer space designs for our displays! Arturo and Bernice introduced the “Rotate Around Our Sun” game. We used the yarn again to mimic the orbits of different planets and a bright yellow soccer ball to be the sun. We had to work as a team to rotate around the sun without bumping in to other planets! Arturo also had a hands on experience to teach us about the Earth by using an orange to explain the different layers of it.

We were also thrilled to help bring in the new soil for our vegetable garden. With the warmer weather approaching, we are looking forward to planting vegetables and fruit into our garden patch.

Our afternoon was filled with drawing, engaging in dramatic play with the Bears outside, and singing one of our favourite Bonkers songs, “Monkey Dance.”

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