We started our day with group time listening to stories about jungle animals, and making sounds of animals, such as roaring, hissing, or making funny monkey sounds, “oo-oo-aa-aa”. Group time promotes children’s sense of belonging, concentration and promotes their vocabulary.

As we are currently focusing on Jungle Animals, we engaged in painting monkeys; the activity promoted children’s fine motor skills. Also extending fine motor skills, other children participated in manipulating playdough. Some pretended the green play dough was a grassy hill, whilst Harvey sang “Walking in the Jungle” and pretended the dough was a jungle.

During our Yoga session, children were encouraged to do jungle animal poses. We did a butterfly, frog and crocodile pose today.

We celebrated Edward’s second birthday. All his friends including Edward sang Happy Birthday, and enjoyed yummy cupcakes.

We also welcomed our new friend Araminta yesterday. She had such a lovely day exploring new toys around and making new friends as well.

During our free play, Kennedy enjoyed exploring seashells on the mirrored table, whilst some children engaged in drawing with chalk or crayons. In sandplay, Isla transported the bucket of sand via the car. Some children continued extending their hand eye coordination as they inserted straws in to the box, whilst Levi enjoyed the cause and effect of knocking over the tower after building it. Alegria and Alexa pretended to climb up the hill, promoting their gross motor skills. Free play promotes children’s creativity, autonomy, social skills, and language development.


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