Today we had a busy Friday with our hands full of fun and creative activities! We started our day by playing and exploring the different activities both indoors and outdoors. The children enjoyed this morning moulding play dough, practicing their scissors skills and building with the big wooden blocks! Outdoors, the children had fun painting in the easel, playing with cars and some children were having fun dancing.

We continued our morning by having group time with Tima. We sang “Good morning” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in different languages! The children loved singing and greeting their friends. We then talked about the Letter of the Week, ‘Mm’. Thank you to Benjamin and Ivana for sharing.

During Learning Centre time, in smaller groups the children had the opportunity to listen to stories and participate in the different activities. With Nicole and Tima, the children did Bonkers Beat, practicing how to play the beat on different body parts. The children did an amazing job taking turns playing the drums. With Gail, the children continued exploring and learning about space, creating their very own ‘Rocket ship’.

We hope everyone have a fantastic weekend! Next week is letter “N”.

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