We started our chilly morning inside! We practised our turn taking skills with the Memory Game. We also built up our resilience as there was only one winner each round! We also liked playing with the Lego after listening to a story about a strong castle. Joshua made his own castle.

We enjoyed our time at the Library today. For Felix, Mia, Thomas, and Rueben, it was their first time going to the Library with the Crimson group. Our favourite story from the librarian today was about the donkey who would change the colour of the food he ate. Thank you to Emily, Millie, and Alex for coming to help with the trip today!

We also enjoyed being outside in the sandpit. We made a ramp for the trucks to go down. After running several different trials, we figured out that the more slant that the ramp had, the faster the trucks would go. We also liked building animals out of the Mobilo. Archer made an elephant, Rueben made a dinosaur, Thomas made a lion, and Hanson made a rhino.

We’re planning on doing some gardening this afternoon in our new vegetable patch. We are excited to use the garden tools like the special spades and shovels in order to plant our lettuce, mint, and passion fruit plants!

Welcome to the Crimson Group, Felix. He had such a lovely first day!


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