We started the day with Robyn and Meiting, and we continued to explore the jungle animals!

In the group time, we read “Rumble in the Jungle”… we saw monkeys, elephants, and lions amongst others. The children loved to make the sounds of animals, they had a lot of fun this morning!  On top of this, we sang a lot of familiar songs as well.  Children are developing their language skills and social skills during the group time.

In the Yoga session, we did some stretching exercises and tried to do some jungle animals poses.

The Emerald children like the song “Walking in the Jungle” as we all walk around in a circle looking out for different animals. In the learning centre we walked into the jungle, the children carried their own binoculars and watched looked out in different directions for different creatures. They enjoyed this so much and were excited to see the objects through the binoculars.

Some children were enjoying painting with Cindy.  They were making sharks as part of our Under the Sea focus.

During our free play, Alegria loved playing in the sea corner, she picked up the starfish and explored the texture of it with her hands. In the outdoor area, Daisy and Nishka dug the sand with the spades.  Isaac and Alexia rode the bikes and Isla was happy on the rocking horse.

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