Today was a fun sunny day in Aqua. The children had lots of time outside. They explored the vehicles and engaged in pretend play. They set up their own class and pretended they were teachers.

Inside there was lots of exploration happening, the children sat nicely together and read stories on the mat. Exploring books gives the children many development benefits, it helps improve concentration, language and vocabulary skills and many more.

It was then time to go to group time with our teachers. Today with Donna and Tima the children spoke about indigenous people as it was International Day of World’s Indigenous People. The children learnt some new words and the meaning of the word Indigenous. We looked at the indigenous Australian way of writing and then used our skills to make some words like ‘’Star”, “Sun’’ ‘’Rainbow’’. The children used their fine motor skills to make dots on their paper to represent each word.

With Tima the children made the Australian Aboriginal Flag. The flag represents the Aboriginal people. The red colour is the earth, The black colour represents the people and the yellow circle in the middle represents the sun. The children enjoyed using their hands and fingers to make the flag.

What a fun sunny Monday we had!

Letter of the week is ‘’Nn’’. Please feel free to bring something in starting with this letter.

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