Today was another fun and beautiful day in Aqua. The children are loving the blocks; they use their concentration skills and team work to make towers “as tall as the roof”. It requires fine motor skills and good hand eye coordination to build them.

After free play time we all sat on the mat to say good morning to each other. We sang our good morning song and said hello to our teachers.

It was then time to go to small group time with our teachers. Today with Donna and Tima the children did Bonkers Beat. The children practised how to wait their turn to beat the drum. We pick a body part for us to play the beat on while one child has a turn tapping the beat on the drum. Music has many benefits; it helps improve cognitive development, develop social skills, confidence and many more.

With Tima the children had the opportunity to make their own Aboriginal Flag. They concentrated very hard to complete their own flag.

Outside Nelson had the obstacle course set up and the children were super excited to participate. They love to run, jump and kick the ball developing their large muscle groups.

With Gail, the children continue to explore outer space. They used sand trays with round balls inside for our planets and explored the different size of them. They then had the opportunity to make their own galaxy using paint and black paper. The children had fun being creative with their pictures.

We loved super fun Tuesday in Aqua!

Letter of the week is ‘’Nn’’.

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