Today in Aqua we started our morning with caring for our fish, Popcorn. With the children’s help we took him out of his tank, while we changed his water and washed the stones. Popcorn was then ready for the lovely clean tank. The children are able to learn about responsibility for caring for animals, and develop empathy for another living thing.

Alejandra blew bubbles this morning, much to the delight of the children. They stretched their arms and legs jumping and reaching for the bubbles.  They were thrilled when they popped a bubble. They are also able to develop their spatial awareness as they try to catch the bubbles in close proximity to others.

This morning Adeline took time to care for her baby. Before putting her to sleep, she wrapped her in a blanket and gave her a bottle, showing her nurturing side. Dramatic play is a wonderful way to develop social skills such as empathy.

We have continued to explore space, the moon and planets. We invited the children to create a galaxy using metallic paint and today added glitter and stars. Through this, children are able to develop their fine motor, muscle strength, coordination, language and imagination.

Using the sand and planet trays we added glitter and funnels for the children to explore. Oliver found that when filling the planet with sand he could make sounds and began jumping and dancing. Max sorted the space disks into groups and gave all the shooting stars to Euan and kept the moons.

Some of the children celebrated ‘International Day of Worlds Indigenous People’ and made dot paintings, following along the lines, using earthy colours and developing their pincer grasp.

With the beautiful warm weather today, we enjoyed yoga outside stretching and breathing the warm and clean air.

Play is the highest form of research – Albert Einstein

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