Rubber band art was a hit today. We liked pulling the bands around the slots and telling Amanda what we had created. Nathaniel made a soccer field that the players had to jump around the yard, Mia made a dance studio, Emerson created a launch pad for the people to go to the moon from, and Leo made an obstacle course for people to jump around on.

There were several rounds of “Crimson to the Rescue” today as we played with the fire trucks, helicopter, and police cars in the yard today. We pretended there were emergencies around the yard that we had to work together like a team to solve! One time we had to save a cat from a tree, another time a family from a burning building, or stop the baddies at the bank.

We liked playing games with Arturo using the yarn in the yard. During the games, we are using our fast twitch muscles as we move along the yarn quickly and respond to the prompts from Arturo. We show our resilience skills as we didn’t win every round of the game but were still happy for the winner.

We also enjoyed our morning activities such as building with the rocket ship, creating arts and crafts with Rosanna, or completing puzzles with Rosanna.

During Meditation today, we did one called “Warm Up Our Faces.” We had to stretch our mouths, blink our eyes, wiggle our tongues, and move our cheeks. There were some giggles going around the circle.


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