We have been enjoying playing games with Arturo in the yard. Today, we made different shapes with the yarn and had to run along the shapes avoiding whoever was IT.  We also made a sun using tissue paper and a circle shape. We talked about how the Earth and the other seven planets rotate around the sun!

We enjoyed playing with the racing cars today. We took turns using the different cars and talked about which ones went the fastest and why. We figured out the smaller cars that were a bit heavier went down the fastest.

We were excited to use our space helmets today and be astronauts. We talked about our favourite planets and where we would like to go if we were on our rocket ship. Rueben actually pretended to be the sun and said he was full of lava!

We worked on our letter recognition skills today as well. We did some matching pictures with the first letter it starts with. Charlotte, Emerson, and Joshua did a great job working together to complete all the letters!


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