Today, we started with group time. Group time is a valuable teaching strategy in order to gather children together to have discussions, read stories and sing songs. As a part of our jungle project we read the story “Rumble in the Jungle” and sang “Walking Through the Jungle”.

The children had the opportunity to participate in yoga, doing different poses such as snake, frog and many other.

To continue with our interest in jungle animals, we made our own stripy tigers. During our collage process we continued to sing songs related to tigers and the jungle, and made roaring sounds, just like a tiger.

In the other yard, we did animal print painting with various animals. We dipped their feet in to the paint and made prints on the paper. It was wonderful to see the children engaged in lots of activities.

During our free play, the children explored their environment. They played with blocks, enjoyed pretend play and looked through books.

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