Today during group time, we having continued to sing songs and read stories about jungle animals. Children love the book called, ‘Monty Monkey’. We also labelled all the animals in the book, including the “hippo” and “zebra”. Lots of us were wearing stripes today, just like the zebra.

The children were invited to make a snake from bubbles with Robyn. They were laughing every time Robyn blew into the bottle with the sock. The children couldn’t resist, they wanted to touch and feel the bubbles with their fingers. By popping bubbles, the children learn cause and effect, and they giggle as they anticipate the bubble about to pop.

To practice our fine motor skills, we spent quality time playing with the play dough and cutters. We love to roll, poke it and pat it. These actions are very important in developing pre-writing skills.

The children enjoyed drawing on the cardboard with the rainbow crayons and playing in the home corner.

During our free play, the children requested more bubbles. They had such great fun popping the bubbles. They were laughing and jumping so they can catch the bubbles. What a fun day we had! 😊

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