What a beautiful Wednesday we are having here in Emerald!

This morning the children have enjoyed some group times where they sang songs and read lots of stories. The children love reading ‘There’s a Rumble in the Jungle’ and seeing all of the jungle animals together!

After our group times, Liza led the Yoga session where we created jungle animal poses like a lion, frog, snake and giraffe! Eddie and Levi love yoga, especially when they get to be little jumpy frogs and big tall giraffes!! It’s such a fun way to get the body moving and promote gross motor skills and physical development.

We’ve been busy making some fabulous jungle art and craft today! The children were invited to paint cheeky monkey masks as well as some gorgeous toucans! Such fun!

Today we have had a lot of fun playing with playdough, mark making on big pieces of cardboard, posting straws through holes and cooking in our home corner!

What a wonderful day…😊

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