Today in Aqua we started our morning singing our favourite songs and greeting each other. The teachers are attending a Bonkers Beat Wellness Summit in September where there is a competition for the best rendition of Old Macdonald had a Band – so we have started to practice our choreography with Kruti.

The children spent a lot of time working on some puzzles. Assembling pieces together is not an easy task for children, therefore with some support children were able to work on their persistence, cognitive skills and build their sense of accomplishment when completing the puzzles. Well done everyone.

This morning Oscar and Euan built the Opera House from magnets. Then, we read Hairy Maclairy from Donaldson’s Dairy, which was a hoot. The children were very interactive and interested in his adventures. Later on, Oscar, Frederick, Euan and Max pretended to be crocodiles, while, Teos chose to play with the dinosaurs, rapidly joined by Euan.

We have continued to explore space, the moon and planets. We also created Aboriginal flags using 2 shapes, rectangles and a circle, giving children an opportunity to extend their knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal culture, and shapes.

With the beautiful warm weather today, we enjoyed an obstacle course and also played in the other Aqua playground.

“One cannot make people learn. One can only provide the right conditions for learning to happen.”

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