Literacy and musical group times are part of our everyday curriculum. Through stories and songs, children gain vocabulary and a deeper understanding about the world they are in. Today we were talking about jungle animals, discussed what colour the frogs and toucans were, and what sound they make.

To extend this interest on jungle animals, we took the paint and brushes and start painting all over the cut out. At the end we were so proud of our stunning toucans.

With Ekta, younger children were invited to paint jumpy frogs. We had so much fun painting and making frog sounds…. We sang “galoomp went the little green frog” as we painted.

Our Emerald children love imaginary play, which allows self-expression, helps develop creativity, language development and enhance story telling skills.

It’s nice to see the children practicing yoga every day. By practicing yoga poses, children can learn how to exercise, develop confidence and concentration. We are so proud of our babies, they are following the instructions and doing better each day. 😊

Chalk drawing is an amazing art form that children can really get involved in. Harvey, Kavya and Hamish loved scribbling writing and tracing using a variety of colours.

During our free play, we explored our indoor and outdoor area. We played with the cars and trains outside and blew bubbles with Cindy. We absolutely love popping them!

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