Today, we had a conversation about the importance of exercising. Amanda asked us what some of our favourite ways to exercise are, and we answered swimming, running, jumping, and dancing. Amanda taught us about endorphins and how they make us feel happy when we finish exercising. We extended this conversation about exercising by setting up different obstacle courses with Alejandra and Amanda in the yard using the ladder, hula hoop, somersaults, and balance beams.

Juliana continued on with learning about the planets. We painted planets and then put them in the right order from nearest to farthest from the sun. We have been so proud of our understanding of the planets!

We also extended our interest in different planets in the sandpit. We made sandcastles and then told Amanda which planet it was on. Nathaniel pretended to be a space alien that crushed his, Harrison was a meteor crashing into his planet, Leo said he was digging a tunnel into space, and Charlotte said her was a castle on a planet full of flowers.

We also enjoyed engaging in dress ups today on the deck as well as playing on the see saw, completing puzzles, and making a Darth Vader mosaic picture.


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