We started our morning in the Aqua room with our welcome song. At group time we sang the days of the week song and then spoke about our letter of the week, which is letter ‘’Nn’’.  Benjamin brought a Notebook and nails. Well done Ben!!

During gross motor time with Nelson the children practiced jumps with both feet and kicked balls into a goal. This also extended their hand foot coordination. We set up an obstacle course, using high and low beams. The children enjoyed following each other and then trying out different things such as walking side way.

The children enjoyed working with the cars and trucks in the sand tray.

Some children stretched and did some Yoga poses with Alejandra.

We have continued learning about space, and exploring concepts related to the moon, stars and planets. The children explored the planets using the sensory tray with sand, they also looked at Space book, and some of the other children enjoyed painting different planet.

We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!!!

Next Week is letter ‘Oo’ – please feel free to bring something in to share with the group!


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