We were excited to celebrate Red Nose Day. We made red noses and had a conversation about what we were raising money for was research in SIDS. We then made an S out of the coins that we donated. We were very proud of ourselves and for giving to charity.

In the yard, we were excited to build a new car ramp for our cars today. We figured out how to make the cars go faster. Then, we built cars out of Mobilo and put those down the ramp. We carried on with the creative building when we made a fort out of a variety of items in the yard! In both activities, we took turns with going in the fort and who got to put their cars down the ramp. The last place we showed great building skills is with the marble run. We knew it could fall over easily and had to be gentle as we used it.

The sandpit was busy today as we did counting with all our different creations. We were engaged in the Australian animals, the wooden blocks, tennis, and dance today as well!

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