Today we welcomed our new friends Rex and Poppy to Emerald. Both enjoyed exploring new toys and their environment. They met new friends and teachers and are settling in beautifully.

The younger children enjoyed group time with Tin Tin and exploring our Mystery bag. While the older children enjoyed group time with Robyn listening to jungle stories and making animal sounds. The group time allows children to develop their language and listening skills. It also encourages the children to learn about the sounds that animals make.

We continued with the Jungle theme during our learning centre. With Liza children participated in a matching game where they had to match the parts of the respective animals. The activity promoted children’s memory skills as well as recognition of various animals. With Tin Tin, children enjoyed making animals prints using 3d shapes with the paint promoting children’s sensory skills.

Mason, Nicholas, Caleb and their friends had fun playing drums in the Bonkers Beat group time. This allows children to understand music and rhythm. Outside, the older children engaged in Yoga on the mats. They did poses of jungle animals such as the crocodile, lion and butterfly. Yoga promotes children’s gross motor skills and their spatial awareness.

During our free play, Isla and Charlie engaged in building towers with wooden blocks and enjoyed the cause and effect of the tower falling when we knock it over. Daisy and Henry engaged in the pretend play, patting the babies to sleep, promoting their language and social skills.

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