Happy Monday!

Today at group time, the children had a great time singing familiar nursery rhymes with Kruti and reading their favourite story “Rumble in the Jungle”’ with Meiting. Group times play a big role in developing social skills and supporting children’s imagination, creativity and language development.

To continue with the jungle topic, we invited the children to paint their own giraffes. Once finished, the children had to pasted on circle cut outs. They liked showing off their art works, sharing their sense of pride in their work. Well done Emerald.

We also enjoyed dancing to “Walking through the jungle” alongside Meiting and Bernice. We had the chance to practice animal sounds and count the steps we took.

During our free play, we explored both the outdoor and indoor areas. We love drawing with the chalk, playing with the train and magnets.

Harvey and Henry love to play with the guinea pig, Marshmallow. They fed her and gave her a gentle pat. The bond and relationships children form with animals is very beneficial, helping them to build a sense of empathy and respect and, in many cases, providing a calming influence as children settle into the day.

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