Today was a fun sunny day in Aqua. The children had lots of time inside. They explored the puzzles and engaged with playdough. Afterwards, they set up their own dancing class and pretended they were Timon, Pumba and Simba.

Outside there was lots of exploration happening, the children played with dinosaurs, fire department, sand pit and the good old tree. Together children had fun and took turns to swing in the tree. Free play gives the children many development benefits, it helps improve concentration, language and vocabulary skills and many more.

It was then time to go to group time with our teachers. Today with Tima the children spoke about colours and painted some beautiful paintings. With Alejandra the children practiced some yoga poses, which they love!! Nelson was in charge of the gross motor skills which gives an opportunity for children to polish their large muscles and also burn some extra energy.

For the letter of the week we had Ivana with an Orange and Lachlan Barton with an Orangutan. Well done, children!!!

What a fun sunny Monday we had!

Letter of the week is ‘’Oo’’. Please feel free to bring something starting with this letter.

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