Today the children started their Tuesday off with free play. The children use their independence and choose what they would like to do when they arrive at BBC.

As it is a sunny day again there was lots of outdoor exploration. The children spent time being adults and pretending to go to work. They used the computers and telephones at the office corner.  Oliver and Lachlan played with the dump trucks and delivered the sand to different areas of the box. Inside the children explored magnets with teacher Louise. Louise said a colour and Isabelle could match it to the green, blue and red magnets. Some of the children enjoyed colouring at the table with new markers. Eva had some time to herself and looked at the story.

We went into smaller groups after meeting and greeting each other on the mat. With Donna we started something very special for our Dad’s today. We painted our hands green and made hand prints with them. Nelson continues to facilitate our gross motor skills. We are using our large muscles as we complete the obstacle course. In Gail’s group the children used their fine motor skills, they squeezed the droppers to get the coloured water inside. We then squeezed tightly and watched as the water made some lovely colours on the paper.

What a fun filled day we had in Aqua with all our friends and teachers.

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