Bonkers Beat

This morning the children participated in Bonkers Beat, learning a new song and following actions. Through participating children are able to recognise beat, rhythm and melody.

Monkey Tree

Children engaged with the monkey tree today, developing their fine motor skills, hand eye coordination. Maddison shared songs, she learnt from group times such as, “one little two little three little monkeys, no more monkeys swinging on the tree.”

Science Week 10th-18th August

Moon Craters

We are surrounded by science in our every day lives and today was no different. We extended on our moon and space exploration by creating moon craters with the absorbent paper, droppers and water colours. Watching with amazement as the colour mixed to create new colours or just grew bigger, making colourful moons.


We also made red playdough, where the children expressed it was hot, or observed the reaction of ingredients as they mixed together and changed.

Magnetic trains

Today some children enjoyed connecting the train tracks and using the trains. They problem solved to figure out the layout for the tracks and developed social skills as they shared ideas, and waited for their turn. Euan had his trains go through the tunnel, but was a little unsure if they would fit.


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