We have had a very busy and engaging day. Our morning yoga session is a wonderful way to centre our minds and bodies. Later, we continued working on our Father’s Day cards and presents during Learning Centre. Each one is so special, and we are working so hard on them.

In the sandpit, we completed some experiments about how to make the strongest sandcastle. We had guesses and actively worked on finding out the best combination of how to make the strongest one. We also figured out how to make a two-story sandcastle by making a flat base, then having two or three levels on the bottom row in order to make the second one stay! We celebrated by doing “The Floss” dance.

We also did some feeding of the chickens today! We took turns putting food into their container and gave them fresh water. We are so amazed at how big they are already!

We also enjoyed playing some gross motor games in the yard. Our favourite one on the balance beams is the “Hungry Crocodile” game. We had to be fast in order to avoid getting snapped. We also used our gross motor skills as we ran around with the cars or planes and pretending to be monkeys on the spider web.

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