Group times can bring many benefits for babies and toddlers. Some of the benefits are: socialisation, listening skills, attention span, fine and gross motor skills and bonding with the children.

Today, we sang songs, read stories and discussed sounds and names of jungle animals.

Here, in Emerald we are encouraging the children to participate in yoga sessions. The children love to practice different animals’ yoga poses such as frog, butterfly or dog.

During our learning centre, we continued learning about the jungle. The children then had the opportunity to paint a snake. The children enjoyed touching the paint and spreading it all over the paper plate.

Outside with Robyn we did bubble painting. The children loved blowing through the straws and we then printed the bubble pattern on the paper. The children were intrigued by the interesting marks on the paper.

We would like to welcome two new friends to Emerald, Maya and Oliver. They were happy playing and settled in to their new environment really well.

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