What a lovely Wednesday we are having!! Throughout the morning the children participated in lots of group times with different educators; they sang lots of songs, read a lot of books and together they talked about the beautiful weather and the jungle animal theme of this month. Group times are a fabulous way to encourage language and communication!

Our daily yoga session with Liza this morning really got our bodies moving! We were able to warm up our bodies for the day by practicing some amazing animal poses like a lion, snake and tall giraffe! The children love to get involved with yoga, it’s a lovely way to promote gross motor skills and physical development.

For our activities today the children really enjoyed matching the jungle animal patterns with the pictures in our ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ book! What a great way to encourage the children’s understanding of different animals!

For our craft today, we used a star shaped stamp to decorate our wonderful starfish for our ‘under the sea’ display! This was a fun sensory experience that allowed the children to develop their fine motor skills!

During free time, the children loved to play with the hula hoop, explore the trucks in the sand and make some important phone calls in the ‘office’!! Such a fun day!

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