Friday fun!!

Our morning started off with some free play while we waited for all our friends to arrive. Free play allows us the ability to choose which activity we want to do and explore what interest us.

The children explored red play dough and made a cupcake with Tima. They squeezed and rolled the play dough which is great for strengthening their fine motor muscles.

The dolls were popular with Grace, Eliza, and Oscar who wrapped, carried and patted the dolls to sleep.

Laura showed interest in connecting magnets, building a rocket that went all the way to the moon.

This morning at group time Ivana very proudly showed the group an onion, that she had brought in for the letter “O”.

Happy birthday to Lachie!!  We sang Happy Birthday and celebrated Lachlan C’s birthday today.

Next week, please feel free to bring anything that relates to letter ‘Pp’.

We hope you have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday!

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