Happy Monday to our Aqua children and parents, we hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Today the children were very busy bees. We have been practicing our new Bonkers Beat song ‘’Old MacDonald, Had a Band’’. We will be recording ourselves singing and doing the actions in preparation to send it to Galina. The children are amazing at taking directions and each day we get better at the song. Their cognitive skills shine, when they remember the actions and words to the song. Well done!

It is a very special week, as it is Book Week. The children are invited to bring in their favourite books throughout the week to share with their friends and teachers. Also, the children are more than welcome to dress in their favourite character from the books.

Ivana, Oliver, Levi and James were super excited to share the books they brought. We had a group time and read some of the books, then the children shared them at small group times. It was lovely to read so many nice stories with the children today. Reading develops many areas like language skills, as we learn new words, social skills as we sit together and about many concepts related to literacy such as rhyme, tone, repetition and storytelling.

Tima’s group practiced their fine motor skills as they traced the letter Dd for Daddy with their fingers. The children are super excited to be making special gifts for Dad for Father’s Day. They are working very hard. Donna’s group also practiced fine motor skills as they did some drawing with the markers. We are learning to hold the writing/drawing utensils with the correct pincer grip. Nelson did a gross motor class and the children really enjoyed getting physical, practicing their balance, coordination and problem solving skills. It’s also a great way to stay healthy and burn lots of energy.

What a fun Monday!

Please remember to bring a Book from Home, so the children can share their lovely books with each other!!!

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