We had a lovely, busy day today!! In the morning, children engaged in group time with Kruti, Meiting, Robyn and Lisa. We sang a lot of familiar songs and read our favourite books! The children were developing the language skills, social skills and concentration skills.

This morning we learned how to look after our guinea pigs with Lisa. The children loved to pat Marshmallow and give her food!

In the free play time, Molly, Isabelle, Nishka and Dhyan loved to play with the walkers.  Alegria enjoyed the ball game in the sand pit, and Henry S drove his favourite car around the yard.  Inside, Leanna engaged in mirror play, Amelia and Rex played with the different noise making toys.

Our daily yoga session with Robyn this morning was really fun! We did some stretching to warm up our bodies and practiced the different animal poses relating to this months theme of the Jungle.  During the yoga session, the children were developing the gross motor skills and balancing skills.

In learning centre time, Meiting set up a gross motor experience where we pretended the beam was a bridge, and as we walked through the jungle and crossed the bridge, we looked for different animals, “Look!! Who’s under the bridge? It’s a CROCODILE!!”

Some children made lion masks with Lisa. They grasped the brushes and painted the lions face. Afterwards, they pasted the mane on the lion and said, “ROAR”.

The children participated in messy play with Robyn.  They made fish to decorate the Under the Sea corner. They really loved to explore the brushes with their fingers and squeezed the paint with their hands. The children enhanced their fine motor skills and sensory skills in this learning experience.

Some children learned how to make play dough with Cindy.  They put the ingredients one by one into the big bowl and used the spoon to mix it.  During this activity, children enhanced their fine motor skills and concentration skills.

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