Happy Monday 😊

We started our day with group time. The children sat in the circle and read stories about jungle animals and sang “Walking through the jungle”.

The children had the opportunity to talk about zebras, their stripes and colours followed by doing marble painting. They dipped two marbles in the black paint and put into the basket with the white zebra cut outs and then they started moving the basked left and right.

As a part of our routine we practiced yoga with Robyn. We did a snake, butterfly and frog pose.

During our free play, we explored the indoor and outdoor area. We practiced our gross motor skill by climbing on the jungle gym, we read a book in our book corner and drew with the chalk on the board.

We enjoyed playing with the farm animals and making different sounds, cooking in the home corner and playing with the trains.

What a lovely day we had today…. 😊

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