The children have had a fun Tuesday. This morning the children started the morning by engaging in own free play. They happily asked Donna could they make some puzzles at the table. They used their fine motor skills, and placed the pieces in the right place. Lachlan did an amazing job, he made the big Thomas the Tank Engine puzzle outside. Great work!!

We continued with sharing our books. Book week is a great opportunity for the children to share and interact with each other. It helps children to learn how important it is to value books and stories. Also, it’s a great developmental activity as it helps cognitive development, social skills and communication skills. There were so many books brought today to share, at group time Grace was very excited to share hers.

At small group times the children continued to use fine motor skills to trace the letter Dd for ‘’Daddy’’.

The children really enjoy science week and did some experiments, including mixing colours with Gail. They used different watercolours, sand, and vinegar which made the colour and sand fizz up when added together. The children laughed with delight when they saw it.

What a fun filled Tuesday!! Please continue to bring and share your books this week, we are really enjoying all the different stories!!!!!

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